CANAL+ International, the CANAL+ GROUP's new Premium channel, launched in Canada on 15 November


The French CANAL+ Group is launching the new general-interest, international, French-language television channel CANAL+ International in Quebec on 15 November. Quebec was a natural choice for the channel's first international venture – it is set to expand rapidly into the rest of Canada and the USA.

The channel's international version consists of a selection of the best programmes produced by the CANAL+ Group, structured around the big themes of entertainment, film and sport. It addresses both French households and families living in Quebec and Quebec natives, who will now be able to discover the original content that has contributed so much to the Group's renown.

Entertainment for the whole family
Culture and news magazines, humour and children's programmes will be available on the channel. They include flagship programmes like the quirky humour duo CATHERINE & LILIANE and TOUCHE PAS À MON POSTE, a popular talk show that takes an amusing and good-humoured look at the highlights of media news and developments, not forgetting Thierry Ardisson at the helm of SALUT LES TERRIENS ! who tackles current events with a big dose of humour, in the company of prestigious guests.

Mornings and afternoons will be a daily rendezvous for the 3 to 15 age group, with the best animation series, together with adventure games and recreational programmes reflecting the recognized expertise of the Group's youth channels. Another linchpin of CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL – the arrival in North America of original blockbuster series highly popular in France, such as BARON NOIR, PLATANE and SECTION ZÉRO.

The best of French cinema
As historic partner to French cinema, CANAL+ will give pride of place to the film world in its international version by setting aside prime-time viewing spots. The programming grid will consist of prize-winning films, works produced by big-name directors and magazines, together with RENCONTRES DE CINÉMA and LE CERCLE, two original programmes dedicated entirely to cinema.

Legendary sports magazines
Soccer and rugby enthusiasts will be able to watch CANAL FOOTBALL CLUB, the most prestigious sports programme for soccer and Ligue 1, presented by Hervé Mathoux, and also the LATE FOOTBALL CLUB for a daily review of soccer news, together with around 100 live rugby matches.

CANAL+ International will be distributed in Canada by THEMA Canada, a subsidiary of the CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL Group, already responsible for production and distribution of the PLANÈTE+ and Seasons channels. The CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL channel will be launched in Quebec on 15 November on Vidéotron.

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